Sustainable Development at SSE

Initiative RESONANCE

The world is currently undergoing unprecedented changes to preserve our planet and its resources for future generations. The mining, construction, and fine chemicals sectors are also called upon to play a key role in the success of this energy, ecological, and ethical transition. With 130 years of existence, our Group has built itself on strong values and principles based on respect for individuals. These values continue to inspire and guide all our managerial decisions and actions today. Over the years, sustainable development issues have become increasingly important to us. We have begun integrating social and environmental practices by certifying our industrial sites according to the ISO 14001 international environmental management standard and developing several local initiatives for our employees and the communities around our operations.

To strengthen our commitment, we will intensify innovation and the integration of sustainability not only throughout our value chain but also at the very core of our business model. In 2023, to realize this ambition, we developed an ambitious sustainability strategy, equipped with demanding and rigorous roadmaps, in line with our deep convictions. In 2024, the SSE group will proudly launch a major initiative, named RESONANCE.

RESONANCE will be a significant step in our commitment to ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and will allow us to have a coordinated approach with all our subsidiaries. This initiative will coordinate and consolidate all important actions of the SSE group in these areas, fully integrated into the group's strategy.

For the group's executive committee, RESONANCE goes far beyond a simple company program. This initiative embodies our identity and values, symbolizing our collective commitment to environmental and social responsibility as an industrial group. We are deeply proud to contribute to accelerating the transformation of the civil explosives and fine chemicals sector by driving innovation and creating value for everyone—employees, our clients, partners, shareholders, and society.  

The ESG GROUP FRAMEWORK will guide our future actions and strategy at the group level.

To manage and ensure a successful implementation of RESONANCE, specific governance has been put in place via a RESONANCE committee.

The main idea is to integrate the representation of SSE markets and different functions. We absolutely want to ensure an approach where each SSE market feels actively involved in this initiative.

PresidentGilles de Preux   
Program manager
Agnieszka Gasiorowska
Dr. Max Lauwiner
Head of Fine Chemicals BU

Neil Kirby 
Head of Group Controlling

Lucia Mafrici 
Marketing Group manager

Thomas Bornheim
CEO SSE Germany

Marcin Rzeminski 
CEO SSE Polska
External expert
Isabelle Gayral Boschung
Sustainability specialist, NewElement

Let's be curious in the coming months as new Group initiatives will be launched and will require employee involvement.

Let’s grow together!

Gilles de Preux